There really is no introduction that can do this pwnage justice; but we’ll try.

Mike Wallace of ’60 Minutes’ fame questions the great Morgan Freeman on his feelings that Black History Month is “ridiculous”. Not surprisingly, Mr. Wallace is stunned; he stammers, he babbles. He’s pwned, frankly. Meanwhile, as he tries to pick his jaw up off the floor, and any remaining pieces of his dignity, Mr. Freeman continues to lay out probably the best pwnage caught on film since the start of the 21st century.

Apparently Anne is at it again and this time she feels she can re-write history book by the sheer force of her denial of facts. Unfortunately for her the Fifth Estate interviewer uses the sheer force of being informed and shows her up. How is this woman a famous pundit again?

While we here at Political Pwnage typically stick to ownage incurred by well-known celebrities or politicians, there are indeed some examples of ownage dismantling the obscene powertrippings of the lesser-known that it *must* be scene by as many as possible.

We present a priest at his local city council calling out the mayor for very recently shutting down the free speech of several others just days prior for simply criticizing the actions of said council and its Mayor. The Mayor’s reaction? Does he try to counter the ownage? Nope. He does what any cowardly politician does when backed into a corner: displays his hubris and abuses his power beyond belief.