We are pretty big fans of Ron Paul here, but not so much for his politics as for his merciless chewing up of people’s political careers. So what to do when someone makes him stumble? Post it, of course. Admittedly, the guy interviewing Paul is mostly just being a dick, but he’s got a pretty good point. We will also note that in his present kick at the can Paul is being taken much more seriously and gaining attention as a legit candidate in the GOP race. At least in the same position Mitt Romney was last time, and this time it looks like the old Mitter might win the nomination. How’s it feel to be on the other side of the flying shoe, Mr. Paul?

Oh, sweet, sweet (Poetic) Justice.

Recently on CNN, Jane Harman, Congresswoman from California was complaining that it was an “abuse of power” that she was allegedly wiretapped without her permission. However, Mrs. Harman was also an ardent supporter of the Patriot Act which does exactly that: wiretapping people without warrants and without their knowledge.

Apparently Mrs. Harman has a problem being pwned by her own hypocrisy. Hey, politicians – if you can dish out the oppressive laws, be prepared to take them, ok?