You read that correctly Political Pwnage fans, we have to give credit where it’s due – even (or especially) when it includes FOX news.

Now, we don’t have to get into why FOX News so regularly misses the ball, but there are exceptions to every rule. In this quick clip, we have Judge Napolitano, the black sheep of the FOX news family. While his colleagues regularly beat the typical neocon pro-war drum, Napolitano has consistently spoken out against the US War Machine and basically the entire neocon agenda on his show, “Freedom Watch.”

As a sidenote, it could be asked just why is the Judge regularly allowed to broadcast such views? Well, he’s not – anymore. His nightly show, “Freedom Watch” was just cancelled by FOX this past week. FOX says it was because of low ratings. The conspiracy folk say it was because he was releasing too many videos like this one. There probably is know way of knowing for sure, but we do know that this week’s video is what makes Poltical Pwnage tick.

FOX makes it easy for Jon Stewart to keep his place as one of the funniest men in the world merely by providing him with constant material. In this clip The Daily Show staff were quick to notice FOX blatantly mis-representing an Obama speech on taxes. When they play the original however, it appears there’s a different message.