If you haven’t been invigorated, inspired or at least annoyed by George Carlin, well then, internet sirs or madams, you need to get yourself to a morgue – because you must be dead.

In this week’s special edition of Politcal Pwnage highlighting “Earth Hour”, on March 31, we have the late, great Mr. Carlin pwning the environmental zealots and the idea that we as a species think we’re actually any kind of threat to this giant green and blue rock we call, Earth. Whether we are or aren’t isn’t the issue really, it’s the fact that *no one* can match the degree of Pwnage Fortitude that George Carlin consistently expressed. Enjoy.

Maybe what black Democrats don’t know is that whitey grew up in the burbs, and in doing so, has been totally co-opting black culture since Jack Johnson crossed State lines. What I do know if if you’re gonna step to someone you best represent… the people for whom you’ve sworn to serve instead of getting shown up on the House floor. Perhaps Democrat Alan B Williams just assumed that no one would dare challenge his blackground as he shamelessly read Jay Z quotes he didn’t know off his phone. I don’t think anyone anticipated Republican Dean Cannon to fire back with the actual context of the song and the correct lyrics by heart. All dem bitches know, in Florida Dean’s got tha flo!

In another slightly unusual turn of pwnage events, we present to you guys who have the audacity to empty their water bottles in public, while attracting some serious attention from the Boys in Blue.

Sure, they look they’re urinating, and sure, they’re out just to garner attention, but what’s really interesting are the cops’ reactions: some are indeed very *pissed* off (would you believe some were disappointed they couldn’t arrest the guy for his innocuous behaviour?) – while others are cool as cop-like cucumbers, and yet it’s a bit unclear what other cops think. What’s pretty apparent however is that’s it always entertaining to see the wind taken out of the authorities’ sails, via some light-hearted comical ownage.