It’s summertime, and most 13 yr. old kids are only interested in playing outside and forgetting about anything to do with school or work. But, not this 13 yr. old. Nathan Duszynksi is the exception: each of his parents are on disability so he decided he wanted to help them out and actually start his own business to make some money. He contacted a local business owner and made an agreement to sell hot dogs out of his parking lot. Both would be better off: The kid would make money, and he’d bring in more customers for the business owner. But, not so fast – the local governing enforcers immediately swooped in to shut him down within 10 minutes of opening. Typically, the claim is for the health and safety of the people, but the officials admit it’s merely to protect the profits of restaurants in the area. At least they’re honest, right?

So, what is the moral of the story? If you’re a kid who is driven, with an entrepreneurial spirit, just be sure to check it at the door in this town. There are business profits to protect out there, afterall.

Media and politics are forever intertwined. Why? Simply because journalists commit the actions of politicians to a record that is retained and can be viewed later. from Slate Magazine fully understands how important a tool this can be. When considering one’s talking points in the present you can look to the past and piece together a timeline of events and ideas that provide veracity. Or, in this case, make your job very easy. Present Romney says something happened at a specific time so Saletan merely went to that time, found media of younger Romney talking about abortion, and let Mitt do his job for him.


In our recent post of John McCain’s Gentlemanly Pwn Of Michelle Bachmann we gave a pre-amble stating that what was about to follow may be worthy of posting, however lacked the entertainment factor we usually go for in this space. It didn’t matter: the response to McCain’s show of class was quite large.

Enter CNN’s Dana Bash. Approaching the former GOP nomination hopeful was all it took to set her into a full tilt sprint. Well, as fast as you can run wearing heels. Why? She knew what Dana wanted: a simple response to McCain’s speech. She also knew how she looked yesterday. She also knew she had no response to being called out that would not make her look more stupid. So, stuck with one of those pesky reporters? What to do? Easy! Just pretend you have a pressing meeting in the stairwell and run there s fast as you can, because that doesn’t look stupid at all.

It’s time for the tables to turn, folks.

With the abundance of police abuse videos so prevalent, it’s nice to finally see one where the citizen gets to play the boss. Watch as a random guy pulls up to an officer not wearing his seatbelt while on his cell phone. Good ol’ John Q. Public wastes no time demanding the officer roll down his video and, you know, actually follow the very laws that he, as a cop, enforces.

Enjoy the sweet 30 seconds of victory for the little guy!