When David Letterman came on the scene in the early 80’s everyone knew he had a sharp wit. Everyone also knew that he wore sneakers with a sport jacket and took almost nothing seriously. Fast forward to 2012. David Letterman still flashes his toothy smile and is often irreverent but he’s decidedly matured. This Bill O’Reilly interview never would have happened 30 years ago with a political discussion more suited for his former late night rival Tom Snyder. Dave is still funny though and uses humor to disarm a loud mouthed O’Reilly. Then follows it up with cutting political observations that seem far too intelligent for a late night comic to be making as he lampoons all that is FOX, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.


In a rare double bonus we have a small but mighty indie news organization, (“We Are Change”) confronting both a Democratic and GOP representative as they get their takes on the alleged Obama “Kill List”. While they both try to evade or ignore the question, on the legitimacy of granting the government the power to kill mere suspects, it’s pretty clear which gentleman is better versed at handling the tough questions – (his party rhymes with “Blemodrat”).

Also, putting aside the fact that the giants of the news empire don’t press for these kinds of questions, just sit back and enjoy as even the mighty Goliath’s of the American political sphere feel the wrath of the tiny David’s of the independent news world.

It’s a double dose of Political Pwnage, and neither party is safe.