Ouch. FOX recently invited Military Expert Historian, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist,¬†and Senior Fellow of the Center For A New American Security military think tank Thomas Ricks on the show. Two questions and less then a minute into the interview about GOP politicians backing off of Susan Rice critcisms (most notably John McCain) Ricks lets him know precisely why he thinks the story is hyped. But doesn’t stop there and continues to accuse FOX of “operating as a wing of the Republican party”. The awkwardness index goes up to about 100% and the interview is cut short. One sure fire way to tell when the pwnage is dropping is that those who get crushed will always try to limp away even though the damage is already done.

UPDATE: FOX later claimed that Ricks apologized after the show. He did not. And I’ve added his response here after the video in which he claims FOX’s reaction “is horse shit”. Tom Ricks, we salute you!


Oh, how right you are Omar Little. This title is lifted from one of the best lines, of the best characters of arguably the best television show ever made. The Wire. In a slow post election news cycle Political Pwnage digs back deep into the FOX News archives to revive one of the most one sided discussions of all time in 3 parts. Clinton agreed to a 15 minute interview with Chris Wallace so long as half the interview was spent speaking about the Clinton Global Initiative. It was an obvious ploy for FOX to ambush the former President. But being such an obvious ploy, and Bill Clinton being Bill Clinton, he was ready. Chris Wallace spent a few minutes discussing softball questions and grinning to set his trap while Clinton sat relaxed and waited. Then, quite casually, Chris Wallace tries to pin 9/11 on the former POTUS asking a question he must have practiced 100s of times. Not unlike a political transformer, the casual elder statesmen straightens up and moves from social change Jimmy Carter POTUS to I’m the POTUS bitch, and now I”m the president of you. There’s a particular spirit for politics Bill Clinton has few other politicians have ever exhibited. Rather then be consumed by political bullshit Bill Clinton thrived in it. He loved The Game. Instead of showing agitation or being ruffled by such an enormous accusation he’s not offended. You can read it all over the man’s face “I was wondering when we were going to start this thing.” Chris Wallace then gets to spend another 15-20 minutes getting embarrassed on his own network learning an important lesson. You come at the king, you best not miss.

It’s getting to the point where the Republicans don’t even know what they’re angry about regarding Benghazi anymore. However they’ve become so pot committed that to not see it out to the river means they’ll lose their chips anyway. Soledad O’Brien repeatedly attacks Joe Heck claiming he’s applying a double standard to the similar circumstances of Susan Rice explaining Benghazi to the UN and Condoleezza Rice explaining Weapons Of Mass Destruction. He tries to talk his way out of it multiple times but Soledad keeps hitting the rewind button to pwn him again. Ultimately Heck breaks down and admits that Susan Rice, the Rhodes Scholar he (FOX/McCain/All Republicans as well) have been painting as a dumb person for a month, is actually not to blame at all. Funnybot says… AWKWARD!