Today is Martin Luther King Day, coupled with the Inauguration of Barack Obama, so how fitting it is we have the renowned Dr. Cornel West passionately citing his views on both occasions.

As history has shown, MLK was an ardent anti-war protestor and civil rights’ demonstrator. He even died fighting for his convictions. Contrast that to Obama; while certainly paying lip service to the anti-war sentiment, he undoubtedly has a couple of skeletons in his closet in regards to war. Dr. West, historically a strong Obama supporter, makes no qualms about his dislike for Obama touching MLK’s bible during his swearing in while he calls out Obama for his “war crimes”.

It’s not good times for the NRA. Their president, David Keene, still visits his son in prison due to his 2003 road rage shooting. Their CEO, Wayne LaPierre, just embarrassed himself and his organization with an out of touch response to Sandy Hook. Weeks after blaming video games for Sandy Hook the NRA released a violent video game rated for 4 year olds. His cousin has also just been jailed for threatening to commit a mass shooting against his former employer and is suspected of having illegal guns in his massive home arsenal.

Their board of directors has many other members who have appeared downright insane like Ted Nugent. Faces of the pro-gun movement like Alex Jones have already made recent appearances in this space losing their mind due to being presented with a different point of view.

Today? Even conservative pundits are turning on their new ad suggesting that Barack Obama is an elitist hypocrite since due to the nature of the job of president, his daughters/family require a detail from the secret service for their protection. I’m not sure who they hope to influence however Joe Scarborough and many pundits on the right and left aren’t buying. Check it out…

Call it posturing for a potential presidential run. Call it sticking up for the people he represents. Or call it a bit of both. The message is clear: Gov Chris Christie is no longer a mouth piece for the old guard of the Grand Old Party. Instead he’s attacking the party from within sounding much like many complaints Democrats have made of obstructionism among other things. Congress’ behavior with regard to Hurricane Sandy Funding is to say baffling in the least. Here is a sampling of his comments including a discussion afterward. If Mr. Christie gets any more angry, he may just sit on someone.