MSNBC is often refereed to as “just as bad” as FOX News. Their right win counterpart. But like many dualisms people hold they fall short of reality. Defining one thing in terms of something seen as it’s social opposite almost never works. A great example of this was displayed when David Frum was interviewed by Rachell Maddow. Frum, a former speech writer for GW Bush, and author of many of the speeches Bush used to lie to the American public on a litany of issues regarding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars went on the offensive accusing Maddow and MSNBC of just this. Arguing that the social opposition to right wing extremism is in fact a sign of equivalency. Defending her show, and her network, Maddow proceeds to dismantle Frum’s hypothesis leaving him to stammer as he backtracks. Not the biggest fan of Maddow, MSNBC or really anyone on TV at all. But in the classic pot, kettle, black argument Maddow effortlessly shows the simplicity of Mr. Frum’s views. Without a speech writer to help her.

7 Thoughts on “Rachell Maddow Dismantles David Frum

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