The Republican candidate has made a string of gaffes, big and small, but it seems that most of his backers aren’t concerned

Three placards were waved prominently and defiantly in front of the podium before Republican nominee Donald Trump addressed a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday. “Veterans for Trump,” each said.

They were an indication that, despite what pundits have described as the worst campaign week of any presidential candidate in living memory, the blowhard billionaire still has a hard core of supporters who either do not know or do not care.

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Kevin Gosztola

Every four years, progressives are lectured and berated by left-leaning pundits, who have varying degrees of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Any consideration of a third-party candidate, especially the Green Party’s presidential candidate, is deemed reprehensible. Now that Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic Party’s nominee, that moment in the election cycle is upon us.


This week, the most famous members of the Trump family took turns discussing sexual harassment. At the heart of the most outrageous comments were assumptions about the victim’s role and responsibility in preventing and responding to such harassment — sentiments that provoked considerable outrage. 

Those remarks reflect an important and fundamental misunderstanding of why sexual harassment occurs in the workplace. Though it might be a onetime display of poor judgment or a misunderstanding between co-workers in some cases, sexual harassment is ultimately a symptom of much bigger problem: sexism.  Read more…

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Kathy Kiely

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston isn’t happy with the way the press has been handling Donald Trump. “The coverage has been extremely poor in my opinion,” Johnston, who at 67 clearly still enjoys making trouble, pronounced at no less a lions’ den than the National Press Club on Thursday night in Washington.

So Johnston, as he is wont to do when he sees something going wrong, decided to tackle the problem himself.

I could have chosen just about any newspaper for this, but here’s the Washington Post last night:

Drink this in: it’s front-page news that the Republican candidate for president has endorsed the Republican Speaker of the House for reelection. Front. Page. News. The New York Times says Trump did it in an effort to “heal” a “party rift.” If so, Trump sure was dragged kicking and screaming into it. He read off his endorsement with all the enthusiasm of a Cultural Revolution dissident reading a confession of his counter-revolutionary deviations to his fellow reeducation campmates.

Anyway, Hillary Clinton also got a tiny bit of press on Friday for once again bobbling her claim that James Comey basically exonerated her. But the operative word here is “tiny.” It might have been a bigger deal if everyone hadn’t been so busy writing about the latest episode of the Trump telenovela. And Paul Ryan is going to win regardless.

Bottom line: Trump says he’s the guy who’s going to win so much we’ll all get tired of winning. But he lost the news cycle completely on Friday for no reason and no gain, just so he could indulge yet another trivial personal feud. Nice work.