Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate for US president, says he may not have a ‘very good relationship’ with David Cameron. Last year the prime minister said Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from the US was ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’. The newly-elected mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said Trump was ‘ignorant’. But in an interview broadcast on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, Trump says: ‘I will remember those statements’

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After Rafaela Silva was disqualified from the 2012 Olympics for using an illegal leg grab, many Brazilians sent her vile, racist messages via social media. 

But on Monday, in Rio de Janeiro, they chanted her name. 

The 24-year-old had just won Brazil’s first gold medal of the 2016 Olympics. 

Silva grew up in Rio’s infamous City of God favela, improbably rising from poverty-stricken anonymity to prominence as a judo star. Now, four years after the gaffe that got her disqualified in London, she’s won gold in her hometown before the eyes of the world. Read more…

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Republican presidential nominee also proposed allowing parents to fully deduct the average cost of childcare from their taxable income in a Detroit speech

In an attempt to reset a campaign recently flogged by a series of controversies, Donald Trump outlined an economic vision for the US, including dramatically slashing taxes, and took sharp aim at Hillary Clinton.

In a nearly hour-long speech, unusually reading from a teleprompter, the Republican presidential nominee suggested Detroit itself was an example of “the living, breathing example of my opponent’s failed economic agenda”.

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There’s rarely a great deal of agreement in Washington, but the importance of keeping Trump’s fingers off the nuclear button is fast becoming a consensus

As the first woman to clinch a major party nomination, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is already historic – and increasingly it looks like Donald Trump’s is too. But not in a flattering way.

If last week came the point at which he self-immolated the campaign and beloved Trump brand, this week may be remembered as the time he finally drove his party’s national security leadership to support the Democratic candidate for president en masse, either by voting for her expressly or by abstaining.

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