Recently, Bill Maher hosted (another) gun control debate panel on his show, “Real Time”, with guests including Micheal Moore, among a few others.

As usual, most of the guests towed the typical gun control line – except for one lady, S.E. Cupp from MSNBC. At first, she is on the defensive with Moore, but when Maher sincerely asks, “Why has gun crime gone down in the age of less gun control?”, Miss Cupp takes this ball, runs with it, and quickly executes Michael Moore’s logic with reality and statistics.

As Maher says, “we can’t go by anecdotal evidence.” Indeed. Gun crime, and mass shootings in particular are down. Unfortunately, Moore never got that memo. Perhaps this taste of pwnage will help it sink in?

The Daily Show, a comedy show wrapped in a news show veil actually does a much better job of breaking down the current events of the day, and calling out the politicians and their flabby-armed performance records.

Enter Stewart, (who typically is very complimentary of the POTUS) and watch as he lays it down on him; particularly how Obama hasn’t been coming through on his promise to close Guantanamo (or even releasing any prisoners).

“Candidate Barack Obama from 2007, with three simple words we don’t say too much anymore,” Stewart reflected, before playing a video of the then-Senator promising that “I’ll close Guantanamo” on the campaign trail. Stewart played another clip of the president reiterating his promise in 2009, and again in 2010, with “two small changes”:

“Make no mistake, we will close Guantanamo,” the president said.

“One. He has gone from I’ll close Guantanamo to what’s taking everybody so long,” Stewart said. “And two. He has added the phrase ‘make no mistake, Aquaman! You haven’t seen the last of me and my plan to weaponize kelp.’”

Click here for the rest of the Pwnage.

Tom Flanagan spent years an years as the top adviser to Stephen Harper and The Conservative Party Of Canada. Tom Flanagan was the American brains behind the Conservatives rise to power in the 90s to the 2000s and the unite the right movement that made Harper’s dreams of Prime Minister a reality. Unfortunately, the right was wrong. Very wrong. Flanagan spent years as an opponent of native rights in Canada and is singularly responsible for harming their efforts for equality after a genocide. It’s only fitting that Native American students are the ones to bring down his career by bringing up a long ago quote regarding child pornography.

I’m sure they didn’t know or anticipate what was happening at the time. That they were asking the questions that would bring down “The Man Behind The Curtain” of the entire Conservative movement. I’m sure they expected excuses or denial. Instead Tom Flanagan decided to put his foot in his mouth and use it to dig a hole no man can escape. Stephen Harper was quick to make a list of talking points distancing himself and the Conservatives from Tom Flanagan. However to my ears “Tom Flanagan in no way reflects the views of the Conservative Party” rings false when it’s Tom Flanagan who specifically wrote the fabric of Conservative policy.