Recently, Bill Maher hosted (another) gun control debate panel on his show, “Real Time”, with guests including Micheal Moore, among a few others.

As usual, most of the guests towed the typical gun control line – except for one lady, S.E. Cupp from MSNBC. At first, she is on the defensive with Moore, but when Maher sincerely asks, “Why has gun crime gone down in the age of less gun control?”, Miss Cupp takes this ball, runs with it, and quickly executes Michael Moore’s logic with reality and statistics.

As Maher says, “we can’t go by anecdotal evidence.” Indeed. Gun crime, and mass shootings in particular are down. Unfortunately, Moore never got that memo. Perhaps this taste of pwnage will help it sink in?

Check out the always brilliant Glenn Greenwald completely school Bill Maher on the nature of US imperialism, coupled with Maher’s ever-insistent fear-mongering over Islam.

In a very rare occurrence, Maher’s usual loud-mouthed and knee-jerk reactive retorts are DOA as it actually seems that Greenwald’s getting through Maher’s US-Imperialist/Almost-Islamophobia shell.