Tom Flanagan spent years an years as the top adviser to Stephen Harper and The Conservative Party Of Canada. Tom Flanagan was the American brains behind the Conservatives rise to power in the 90s to the 2000s and the unite the right movement that made Harper’s dreams of Prime Minister a reality. Unfortunately, the right was wrong. Very wrong. Flanagan spent years as an opponent of native rights in Canada and is singularly responsible for harming their efforts for equality after a genocide. It’s only fitting that Native American students are the ones to bring down his career by bringing up a long ago quote regarding child pornography.

I’m sure they didn’t know or anticipate what was happening at the time. That they were asking the questions that would bring down “The Man Behind The Curtain” of the entire Conservative movement. I’m sure they expected excuses or denial. Instead Tom Flanagan decided to put his foot in his mouth and use it to dig a hole no man can escape. Stephen Harper was quick to make a list of talking points distancing himself and the Conservatives from Tom Flanagan. However to my ears “Tom Flanagan in no way reflects the views of the Conservative Party” rings false when it’s Tom Flanagan who specifically wrote the fabric of Conservative policy.

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when a child gets out of line? After countless questionable statements, gaffes and even falling asleep in Parliament, Rob Anders stepped over a line likely never before crossed in Canadian politics. Robby, trying to score political points, suggested that the leader of the opposition and New Democratic Party Tom Mulcair, and his place as next in line, was a contributing factor to the death of the late and immensely respected Jack Layton. It’s a good thing Peter Stoffer (Nova Scotia MLA) was there. While politicians normally keep their comments well in the realm of correctness the Maritimer style sailor came out of Mr. Stoffer. It couldn’t have been more fitting on the steps to the House Of Commons. Perhaps it’s time for Calgarians to wake themselves up and realize they’ve elected a classless, walking embarrassment to represent them.