Jon Stewart calls out the inept, virtually non-functional Obamacare website. As he says, “it’s got 99 problems but a glitch is all of them.” Indeed. Watch as he notes how less than 10% of people who log on are able to sign up past the first step, and how the Democrats in general “try to spin this turd”.

The pwnage as always is strong with this one. Stewart never lets up and we think it’s safe to say that this isn’t the last time that the (lame pun alert) Obamafail will be called out.

Yup, you read that right. Jon Stewart tears the IRS a new one for specifically seeking out right wing government “patriot” groups to audit and basically says that the tinfoil hat folk have had their views just about totally vindicated.

As Stewart puts it, there’s not much more to say other than – “What the f**k? The right wingers were right.”

Wow. Now this is the kind of journalism that the world needs more of; a relentless questioning of the elite who arrogantly think they can merely brush off anyone questioning them on their hubris requiring entire other nations to pay off their debts.

Watch as Vincent Browne, an Irish journalist, asks a very pertinent question regarding the Irish people being forced to bail out European banks and their owners. He’s told to move on. He does not. He’s told the question’s been answered. It has not. He continues finally, before calling out the total inability of the bankers to face the real issue head on: That Irish people have no moral obligation to pay for the debts of the banks and their billionaire owners.