Meghan McCain Should Stick To Ignorant Blogging

Why is that? Because every time the daughter of John McCain pops her head out to pretend she knows something she gets pwned. We get that you want to support your father and his party, but no one respects you Meghan. It takes a special kind of person to actually make Paul Begala look good. Now, I don’t mean to be cruel. She’s into fashion and looking like barbie. She really doesn’t deserve to be on a legitimate political show like Bill Mahr’s where people are going to take her views to task. So why is she? Shouldn’t her handlers tell her it’s a bad idea when this is what happens?

Feminist Heckler Gets Rogan Pwned

Oh my, in his first appearance the deceptively intelligent Joe Roegan lets a feminist heckler have it in what I can only imagine was the highlight of the entire show.