Credit where it’s due.

While Paul Ryan certainly has a history of scumbaggery himself, he certainly gets our tip of the hat in this instance for completely pwning IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding the recent lost e-mail scandal. Paul goes off on the commissioner eloquently putting things into a crystal-clear perspective. He reminds the commissioner that the IRS would not tolerate any taxpayer losing records over the past seven 7 years, yet, the taxpayer are supposed to tolerate a scenario where the IRS loses data over just the past 6 months?

This only leads us to one question. Who is going to start the online Whitehouse petition to change the motto of the IRS to: “Do as we say, not as (smugly) do it.”?

It’s always satisfying to see such a notable politician being put on the spot and pwned right then and there in front of a live audience. But, even better, there is something particularly that much more satisfying when the pwnage is being doled out by someone young enough to be said politician’s grand child.

Watch as this (for now) unknown teenager nails Nancy Pelosi regarding the NSA’s recent actions and its unconstitutional basis. The normally silver-tongued Pelosi is left stammering and stuttering trying to answer the precocious kid. Brilliant job, young buck.

At a recent town hall discussion, there was one very notable person with just a thing or two on their mind re: McCain, and his cohorts in Washington and their support of bombing Syria.

Specifically, he stated that given how McCain supports giving aid to the rebels in Syria (who are largely made up of Al-Qaeda), he is thus supporting terrorism himself and deserves to be tried with treason. Not surprisingly this draws quite a reaction from the crowd.

Watch as McCain has nothing much to say but to react with the smugness typical of a politician in his position.

This ain’t no “Man Show”.

This is Adam Carolla tearing his detractors a new one for calling him a racist simply because he thinks that minority families should concentrate on keeping the family together. In particular, this voracious rant stems from Carolla’s earlier exchange with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom about why it appears poverty disproprotionately affects blacks and latinos, but not other minority races. Newsom tip-toes around the question, but like too many other politicians out there can’t give a clear answer. Shocked? We weren’t, either.

Dave has been seen in this space on various occasions. (just try to ignore Paul Schafer though) His usual appearance entails taking shots at a politician or ridiculous TV personality. This time the belt is being taken off the World Wide Pants while Big Oil And Gas is cowering in the corner. Fracking does produce cheap energy. What else does it produce? We don’t know… but we do know it’s resulted in catastrophic damage to the drinking water of many extraction sites. It’s beyond his anger coming to the surface though. Dave is pissed.