When Jessee “The Body” Ventura, aka the former governor of Minnesota, makes his way in front of FOX News cameras it’s sure to produce some fireworks. Going on Sean Hannity’s show didn’t disappoint. It doesn’t take long either. In the early goings Hannity tries to claim that the world and the USA is stronger after George W Bush’s two dismal terms. Ventura, a former pro wrestler and Navy Seal, has been trained to attack an opponent when a weak opening presents itself, and this is no different. 1, 2, 3… he’s out!

I’m tweakin… into a whole new era, D-Funk step to this I dare ya.

Who’s Political Pwnage’s favorite new political star? Elizabeth Warren. How do you get this illusive title? By asking the simple questions of Wall Street Regulators that every citizen of every country in the world are saying should be asked. The Pwnage is strong with this one. Watching the committee squirm as Warren repeatedly refuses to let them off the hook is more of what’s needed in Washington. Is this the first of many appearances at PP? We hope so. Enjoy!