At a recent town hall discussion, there was one very notable person with just a thing or two on their mind re: McCain, and his cohorts in Washington and their support of bombing Syria.

Specifically, he stated that given how McCain supports giving aid to the rebels in Syria (who are largely made up of Al-Qaeda), he is thus supporting terrorism himself and deserves to be tried with treason. Not surprisingly this draws quite a reaction from the crowd.

Watch as McCain has nothing much to say but to react with the smugness typical of a politician in his position.

In trying to index the web’s wealth of political pwnage we can’t just stick with current events. And while the undertaking of indexing all the time George Bush has looked foolish is gargantuan, so is our dedication. Apparently the star of this video was jailed and received a good bit of abuse/torture for the act, but should I buy a buy, his money is no good inside it. Of course, there’s a 99.99% chance he’s a Muslim and my wares would be no good inside him. But then maybe I’ll work hard and invent the world’s first Halal beer just so I can reject his money. International hero. Seriously, Nike should sign this guy.

Do you remember The Superfly, Jimmy Snuka? I sure do and no one who was 10 years old from the WWF’s golden era will ever forget him. His matches with The Macho Man are the things of legend. So does Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks as he invokes images of the Superfly while breaking down the best lines of the third foreign policy debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The three debates were epically some of the least respectful ever held. While Obama did not seem prepared for the ‘tactics’ that Romney employed in the first debate (ie: bald faced lying about major issues) by the third you could faintly hear over the absent applause “I am a real American…”