Yup, you read that right. Jon Stewart tears the IRS a new one for specifically seeking out right wing government “patriot” groups to audit and basically says that the tinfoil hat folk have had their views just about totally vindicated.

As Stewart puts it, there’s not much more to say other than – “What the f**k? The right wingers were right.”


Conspiracy theorists will believe anything they feel like. Alex Jones ‘wants’ to believe a New World Order is trying to create a global prison so he finds his justification. David Icke ‘wants’ to believe lizard aliens drink human blood to retain human form and dominate earth via politics and flickering eyes during speeches are enough for him. However, when a real professor at a legitimate university comes out in support of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory that the shooting was fakes to create a pretense for gun control, Anderson takes aim. The assertions that a dead little girl was still alive and sitting on Obama’s lap post-massacre is beyond shame.


During the NRA’s recent press conference while Wayne LaPierre described his vision of a militarized war zone America, where the only safe havens from the depraved exist within buildings surrounded by armed guards, he found out the hard way that it’s a bit too soon to be suggesting such things. Especially when the public at large has clearly had enough. Twice protesters held signs in front of him while talking obscuring his face while he pretended to not notice. Twice the NRA was blamed for the senseless murders in Newtown. Twice he only shook his head with no response and pushed ahead with his stark vision of an America that has never existed as it’s an America that people don’t want.

But it didn’t stop there. And it still hasn’t stopped. Responding to the speech tabloids even got in the act.


Ouch. Is Wayne LaPierre possibly… THE BAT BOY!!!!!???


We are pretty big fans of Ron Paul here, but not so much for his politics as for his merciless chewing up of people’s political careers. So what to do when someone makes him stumble? Post it, of course. Admittedly, the guy interviewing Paul is mostly just being a dick, but he’s got a pretty good point. We will also note that in his present kick at the can Paul is being taken much more seriously and gaining attention as a legit candidate in the GOP race. At least in the same position Mitt Romney was last time, and this time it looks like the old Mitter might win the nomination. How’s it feel to be on the other side of the flying shoe, Mr. Paul?

Ron Paul’s been hitting them out of the park so much, lately. Given that we’re in the midst of the 2012 election season, and the (almost) weekly debates, it’s no real surprise. Expect many more.

In this lovely example of pwnage, the WSJ commentator, Gerald Seib has some serious problems trying to understand the difference between general military spending and defense spending. Worry not, Political Pwnage fans, as the Doctor once again sets this corporate whore straight while of course, owning him in the process.