At a recent town hall discussion, there was one very notable person with just a thing or two on their mind re: McCain, and his cohorts in Washington and their support of bombing Syria.

Specifically, he stated that given how McCain supports giving aid to the rebels in Syria (who are largely made up of Al-Qaeda), he is thus supporting terrorism himself and deserves to be tried with treason. Not surprisingly this draws quite a reaction from the crowd.

Watch as McCain has nothing much to say but to react with the smugness typical of a politician in his position.

Glenn Beck makes running Political Pwnage easy. When you are lacking for content merely put his name into youtube, filter the last week’s videos, and there’s sure to be some blathering that fits. And here we have Glenn Beck’s address given at the last NRA convention. Beck feels he like he was adding to the annals of “I have been to the mountain top” but really he just comes off as a fire and brimstone conspiracy theorist preaching demagoguery to the choir. He doesn’t just feel it, he claims he’s ‘picking up the torch of Martin Luther King’ as he attempts to weave quotes of the great man of ‘peaceful protest’ with disgusting themes of violence and conspiracy. Fear Mongering as if America is singly focused on a mission to “take ‘er guns” ending by declaring that the words of Jesus are actually the words of Glenn Beck and the will of God is to fight for gun rights. Why then, did FOX fire you Glen?

When Jessee “The Body” Ventura, aka the former governor of Minnesota, makes his way in front of FOX News cameras it’s sure to produce some fireworks. Going on Sean Hannity’s show didn’t disappoint. It doesn’t take long either. In the early goings Hannity tries to claim that the world and the USA is stronger after George W Bush’s two dismal terms. Ventura, a former pro wrestler and Navy Seal, has been trained to attack an opponent when a weak opening presents itself, and this is no different. 1, 2, 3… he’s out!

In trying to index the web’s wealth of political pwnage we can’t just stick with current events. And while the undertaking of indexing all the time George Bush has looked foolish is gargantuan, so is our dedication. Apparently the star of this video was jailed and received a good bit of abuse/torture for the act, but should I buy a buy, his money is no good inside it. Of course, there’s a 99.99% chance he’s a Muslim and my wares would be no good inside him. But then maybe I’ll work hard and invent the world’s first Halal beer just so I can reject his money. International hero. Seriously, Nike should sign this guy.

It’s nice to see John McCain make non-sensationalist appearances. It seems the McCain we knew was mostly absent after his twin brother showed up totally focused on Benghazi. During a discussion on Sean Hannity’s show the old McCain did show up though amid all this noise to educate FOX on exactly how they have been misreporting Middle Eastern News.