No doubt, the dreaded Fiscal Cliff gives a legitimate cause for concern. But when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner suggested there is no doubt going off the cliff will result is a dramatic downturn Rick Santelli just about loses his mind with the absolutist politics being played. He points out that the future is not actually possible to predict and this interpretation is not universally accepted. Knowing he’s scored a point however he gets confident and launches into a diatribe showing his Tea Party roots. Channeling both Lewis Black and Rush Limbaugh, Santelli starts to rant about how no one in the world, but him supposedly, knows what’s really going on. He could have hammered this home had he allowed the discussion to continue. Instead of allowing the Secretary to respond however Santelli just kept yelling and ranting against who he sees as his ‘enemies’ in congress, looking panicked in the face of the Fiscal Cliff and being laughed at by cooler heads.