Ben Swann is back, and this time to add some balance to the gun violence issue. He specifically counters Piers Morgan numbers not just on total gun deaths in the US, but on the fact that although the US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world, it is no where near the top as far as the gun murder rate goes.

A quick shot of pwnage for you folks, via the Twitterverse.

Responding to the recent tragedy of the NFL athlete (Jovan Belcher) shooting his girlfriend and then himself, Morgan wastes no time in demonizing guns as he proclaims via his internet soapbox that the 2nd Amendment is “for muskets”. Yet, before the smoke of his reactionary comment clears, his logic is taken to task behind the shed and executed.

No video for this one, folks. (none necessary) – the pwnage easily ensues in 140 characters or less.



Trying to keep this site from becoming… (here it comes) but… if you have not seen Mitt’s Romney/Ryan chant, enjoy someone who can’t handle his partner getting some praise, however if you have be sure to catch Joe Scarborough’s reaction to the clip. Unlike many videos you see here Joe is not attacking an opponent. Joe is a former two term Florida Republican Congressman. He’s behind the GOP but “The Chant” is too much for him to take. Mika Brzezinski gives a sincere apology amid the panel’s uncomfortable glances that’s lacking any signs of a staged response. Dropping pretenses she just feels bad for her friend who’s clearly in despair and looking for spiritual assistance. It’s what television, and this site, were made for.

Piers Morgan, who typically supports politicians like Obama, calls out Davis Guggenheim, a relatively well-known documentary producer (“An Inconvenient Truth”) for basically being paid to create a pro-Obama propaganda piece over an actual documentary where the user is typically given both sides of the story and presumably enough information to make up their mind on the subject at hand.

Much of the interview consists of Morgan trying to give Guggenheim an out to show he’s not a complete shill for Obama, but Guggenheim just ain’t biting. Over and over Guggenheim states the only problem w/ Obama was that he did “too many” good things and he wasn’t able to fit them all into the movie. Finally, Morgan tires of Guggenheim’s shilling and says he’s not impartial enough given his admission he believes that Obama has done no wrong; Guggenheim sheepishly agrees.

While there may no ranting or raving, the pwnage still shines crystal clear.