This ain’t no “Man Show”.

This is Adam Carolla tearing his detractors a new one for calling him a racist simply because he thinks that minority families should concentrate on keeping the family together. In particular, this voracious rant stems from Carolla’s earlier exchange with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom about why it appears poverty disproprotionately affects blacks and latinos, but not other minority races. Newsom tip-toes around the question, but like too many other politicians out there can’t give a clear answer. Shocked? We weren’t, either.

Well, in another case of a power-loving man promising one thing but doing another, we have probably the most glaring example since Donald Trump pretended to be a serious contender in the 2012 Presidential Run.

In light of the recent NSA wiretapping debacle, watch as Senator Barack Obama ‘debates’ with President Barack Obama. One speaks about retaining the Constitution, and how, “it works” while the other speaks about how the wiretapping “helps prevent terrorist attacks.”

It’s almost as if (brace yourself) politicians will pander and play partisan politics just to get what they want. Regardless, sit back, relax and watch the POTUS being pwned by none other than himself.

We welcome back one of the few journalists around today who has no problem pwning The Establishment, including the President.

Recently, Obama’s been quoted as saying “No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,” yet, this comes from a man who…you know… regularly authorizes the raining down of drone bombs onto citizens in Yemen and Pakistan. This is not ‘The Onion’, people, this is ‘Reality Check’ with Ben Swann.

This just leaves us with one question: Does the President really think his blatant hypocrisy wouldn’t be noted, or does he have so much hubris that he simply doesn’t care? Either way, this pwnage practically writes itself.

This is such a damning indictment of so many Obama supporters that it may be misconstrued as somehow being in support of Romney. It is not. (just look at our past posts Re: Romney. There’s no doubt one could find a similar video like this calling out the ignorance of Romney supporters, as well. If one such video exists, we would love to know. But, we digress.)

Thanks once again to the guys at We Are Change, as this shows unequivocally that many seemingly intelligent Obama supporters who are presented with Obama policies, under the guise of Romney’s, immediately deride them. Yet moments later, when they’re told they’re actually Obama’s – well – they’re frankly left speechless. Watch as people are pwned by their own ignorance and left floundering to try and explain themselves.

My friends, this is Cognitive Dissonance defined.

In a rare double bonus we have a small but mighty indie news organization, (“We Are Change”) confronting both a Democratic and GOP representative as they get their takes on the alleged Obama “Kill List”. While they both try to evade or ignore the question, on the legitimacy of granting the government the power to kill mere suspects, it’s pretty clear which gentleman is better versed at handling the tough questions – (his party rhymes with “Blemodrat”).

Also, putting aside the fact that the giants of the news empire don’t press for these kinds of questions, just sit back and enjoy as even the mighty Goliath’s of the American political sphere feel the wrath of the tiny David’s of the independent news world.

It’s a double dose of Political Pwnage, and neither party is safe.