Do you remember The Superfly, Jimmy Snuka? I sure do and no one who was 10 years old from the WWF’s golden era will ever forget him. His matches with The Macho Man are the things of legend. So does Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks as he invokes images of the Superfly while breaking down the best lines of the third foreign policy debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The three debates were epically some of the least respectful ever held. While Obama did not seem prepared for the ‘tactics’ that Romney employed in the first debate (ie: bald faced lying about major issues) by the third you could faintly hear over the absent applause “I am a real American…”

Meatloaf Pictured Here With Ed Norton… Luckly For Romney But Not For Comedy, Meat Left His Bitch Tits At Home This Time

At a recent rally shortly Meatloaf let the world know he planned to highlight Romney’s list of ‘celebrity endorsers’. After which Mitt and the boys attempted a group rendition of “America, The Beautiful.” Meat tried his best but after a few bars of the iconic song had been dishonored The Loaf felt the Patriotism well up inside him, along with perhaps some Elvis Presley, and the following transpired. Meatloaf attaches himself for a display rarely seen in political spheres. Mitt’s discomfort and alarm make for great theater. Mitt Romney 2012! This kind of material can’t be written… enjoy!

Mitt Romney has attempted, on various occasions, to appeal to Latino voters. He knows they could be the key for him winning Florida, Colorado and Virgina. His problem however is that instead of including issues Latinios care about in his platform he’s attempted to appeal to them on emotive levels instead. Emotion being a can of spray tan. A little discussed part of the 47% tape was his comment regarding how easy it would be if he was Latino. But Latinos did notice. Perhaps none more so then Rosie Perez. Mitt’s feeling the Latino Heat!

Zing. George would not feel proud.

Ouch. It’s getting pretty rough to be Mitt Romney. He likely grew up like most other young boys in awe of his father. Except his father was rich, famous and beloved by those who voted for him. Like his own sons Mitt grew up in the political sphere smiling for cameras and obviously spending lots of time with the people his father worked with

That’s why it must hurt extra hard when his own father’s long time campaign strategist and friend Walter De Vries, who knew Mitt his entire life, called him out today for disgracing George Romney’s good name. As reported in the New York Times he submitted a letter lambasting Mitt’s lack of the integrity he found so admirable in George. He later gave a telephone interview stating:

Mr. De Vries said he was annoyed by Mr.  Romney’s repeated references recently to his father as inspiration and influence on him.

“I just don’t see it,” he said. “Where is it? Is it on issues, no? On the way he campaigns? No.”

Mr. De Vries continued, “George would never have been seen with the likes of Sheldon Adelson or Donald Trump.”

The whole letter may be viewed here:


Perusing the polticalwebosphere (lets make that stick!) I’ve come upon so many “man pwns himself” style videos. Some of them are posted here. But I recently was sent a new one by a reader that was made before Romney’s debate and before he even really started campaigning. Mitt appears to have no problem defining the kind of man who will say anything to get elected and let flip flopping carry him as far as possible. Don’t worry about getting caught lying. If someone calls you on it you can lie about the lies. This used to be a tried, tested and true strategy in politics. However that was before the internet, alternative media and of course, political pwnage.

Here you have 20 straight minutes of Romney giving totally opposite accounts of what he ‘believes’… all from 6 months ago.

But wait! There’s more. So much more. This is why lying doesn’t work. It fuels your oppositions criticisms of you and they can make ads like this.

It empowers left leaning media programs to easily attack you like this:

And random people with time on their youtube hands make videos like this.

The reality is that Mitt Romney is in a battle with himself to fool the general public. If you believe him he is fighting it for everyone. But can you believe him? We try to be objective at Political Pwnage but it’s difficult when one man states totally opposite opinions on the most important issues the world faces and expects you to believe him.