It’s getting to the point where the Republicans don’t even know what they’re angry about regarding Benghazi anymore. However they’ve become so pot committed that to not see it out to the river means they’ll lose their chips anyway. Soledad O’Brien repeatedly attacks Joe Heck claiming he’s applying a double standard to the similar circumstances of Susan Rice explaining Benghazi to the UN and Condoleezza Rice explaining Weapons Of Mass Destruction. He tries to talk his way out of it multiple times but Soledad keeps hitting the rewind button to pwn him again. Ultimately Heck breaks down and admits that Susan Rice, the Rhodes Scholar he (FOX/McCain/All Republicans as well) have been painting as a dumb person for a month, is actually not to blame at all. Funnybot says… AWKWARD!

It’s not the policy! It’s not the policy! It’s not the policy! I think the reporters know that it’s not the policy. But that’s exactly why reporters are questioning you John McCain. See, in his old age John McCain appears to have forgotten that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is about homosexuals in the military instead of the relationship between politicians and reporters. Mike Almy later stated he was shocked McCain would say such a thing as he testified no more then 20 feet from McCain about the incident. Perhaps McCain’s hearing aid was malfunctioning? Unfortunately for John McCain repeating something you want to be true over and over works about as well when you’re 8 years old as it does when you’re 80. It is quite entertaining however.