Credit where it’s due.

While Paul Ryan certainly has a history of scumbaggery himself, he certainly gets our tip of the hat in this instance for completely pwning IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding the recent lost e-mail scandal. Paul goes off on the commissioner eloquently putting things into a crystal-clear perspective. He reminds the commissioner that the IRS would not tolerate any taxpayer losing records over the past seven 7 years, yet, the taxpayer are supposed to tolerate a scenario where the IRS loses data over just the past 6 months?

This only leads us to one question. Who is going to start the online Whitehouse petition to change the motto of the IRS to: “Do as we say, not as (smugly) do it.”?

At his own rally one of Paul Ryan’s own supporters had a question he wasn’t suspecting. The Romney/Ryan/GOP platform has been brought up countless times as lacking specifics on how they intend to execute their plan. Now the questions are not only coming from the ‘liberal media’ but from his own ranks of supporters. After glossing over the lack of details countless times I’m pretty sure this one woman was not very happy with the answer.