Here we have (another) shining example of a legislator who doesn’t even have a clue on what they’re trying to regulate.

Tucker Carlson interviews Democrat, Carolyn McCarthy who introduced an Assault Weapons ban bill into Congress. The only problem is, she has no idea on one of the components of her bill: just exactly what a barrel shroud is, and why it should be regulated. Carlson asks for clarification, and like a classic politician she avoids the question. Finally, Carlson flat out asks her if she knows what she’s talking about, and she admits she doesn’t know.

File another one under another: “Pwned by their own ignorance.”

While it may clear to many that it’s just a matter of time before the US becomes directly involved in the Syrian conflict, what many probably don’t know is that the US has already started funding the Syrian rebels. More importantly, these Syrian rebels also happen to be directly connected with Al-Qaeda.

Seeing a problem yet?

As many will recall, the National Defense & Authorization Act explicitly prohibits anyone from assisting Al-Qaeda in anyway, whatsoever; and such actions are deemed an immediate, arrestable offence.

Washington, we have a problem: (and a huge contradiction) If it’s illegal to assist Al-Qaeda in anyway whatsoever, why is the President and Congress apparently above the law? Shouldn’t they all be next to the other captors, wearing orange jumpsuits in Guantanamo Bay?

Watch as Ben Swann spells this out like no other journalist ever could.

In our recent post of John McCain’s Gentlemanly Pwn Of Michelle Bachmann we gave a pre-amble stating that what was about to follow may be worthy of posting, however lacked the entertainment factor we usually go for in this space. It didn’t matter: the response to McCain’s show of class was quite large.

Enter CNN’s Dana Bash. Approaching the former GOP nomination hopeful was all it took to set her into a full tilt sprint. Well, as fast as you can run wearing heels. Why? She knew what Dana wanted: a simple response to McCain’s speech. She also knew how she looked yesterday. She also knew she had no response to being called out that would not make her look more stupid. So, stuck with one of those pesky reporters? What to do? Easy! Just pretend you have a pressing meeting in the stairwell and run there s fast as you can, because that doesn’t look stupid at all.