This ain’t no “Man Show”.

This is Adam Carolla tearing his detractors a new one for calling him a racist simply because he thinks that minority families should concentrate on keeping the family together. In particular, this voracious rant stems from Carolla’s earlier exchange with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom about why it appears poverty disproprotionately affects blacks and latinos, but not other minority races. Newsom tip-toes around the question, but like too many other politicians out there can’t give a clear answer. Shocked? We weren’t, either.

Check out this somewhat nervous, but well-spoken, 15 year-old girl as she completely pwns the legislators on proposed new gun legislation.

She calls out fallacies and misunderstanding regarding gun violence, but more importantly she has bigger kahonays than probably most adults sitting their watching her. It’s short, pretty sweet and well-deserving on the podium of Political Pwnage.

Here we have (another) shining example of a legislator who doesn’t even have a clue on what they’re trying to regulate.

Tucker Carlson interviews Democrat, Carolyn McCarthy who introduced an Assault Weapons ban bill into Congress. The only problem is, she has no idea on one of the components of her bill: just exactly what a barrel shroud is, and why it should be regulated. Carlson asks for clarification, and like a classic politician she avoids the question. Finally, Carlson flat out asks her if she knows what she’s talking about, and she admits she doesn’t know.

File another one under another: “Pwned by their own ignorance.”

Here at Political Pwnage we try hard, very hard, to be a non-partisan resource however it’s been difficult to keep a balanced offering. Liberals tend to be a tad more careful with their words and lack as many of the Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann types from their ranks who speak passionately first and think politically later. But as both parties start to ramp up their campaigns and the stakes continually rise cracks are starting to show. Some Democrats are so anxious to land a knockout blow they are willing to jeopardize their political credibility to do so. Enter Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Even though her point on Romney’s abortion position is valid she won’t own up to her factual distortion of the LA Times on the subject. Enter Anderson Cooper who has a point of his own about honesty and integrity.