At a recent town hall discussion, there was one very notable person with just a thing or two on their mind re: McCain, and his cohorts in Washington and their support of bombing Syria.

Specifically, he stated that given how McCain supports giving aid to the rebels in Syria (who are largely made up of Al-Qaeda), he is thus supporting terrorism himself and deserves to be tried with treason. Not surprisingly this draws quite a reaction from the crowd.

Watch as McCain has nothing much to say but to react with the smugness typical of a politician in his position.

John McCain recently took a jab at John Kerry calling him “Mr. Secretary.” It seems John McCain just can’t let go of the recent Susan Rice Behghazi hoopla he tried to stir up. Kerry wasn’t unarmed however and soon had his own opportunity to take a kick as a very recently purple John McCain teaching him the proverbial lesson. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Remember the days when John McCain was the cool Republican? He’d show up on The Daily Show and explain his positions with reason. Even answer a tough question or two honestly? John “Maverick” McCain… where are you? Late, apparently. McCain has gotten a lot of press lately trying to politicize and ramp up the Benghazi affair. He’s claiming the Obama administration has not been forthright communicating the events and demanded ‘Watergate’ level investigation. So ardent is he that he scheduled an entire press conference to let everyone know he is one angry old military man. The only problem is he scheduled that press conference during an actual classified information briefing of Benghazi events that only 3 of 8 invited republicans attended. So naturally, CNN producer/reporter Ted BarrettĀ asked McCain why he was missing the briefing and to complain about not being briefed. To which McCain lost his mind asking who a reporter was to ask him questions. The nerve! Good thing Ted brought a tape recorder.