Alex Jones is a man of unique talents however today realized I truly underestimated the depth of his prowess. Fueled by Jones’ propensity for the shocking Glen Beck’s response in comparison appeared to be that of a rational, well thought and pragmatic thinker. When Glen Beck, who has routinely linked President Obama to being a Nazi, can get away with calling you a crazy madman of a conspiracy theorist, something is wrong. Behold the reason as Glen Beck distances himself from a cohort in conspiracy and crazy right wing media personalities.

There’s really no quips to write up. Just watch Alex Jones demonstrating something… angry. But mostly fearful of allowing other people to talk, it seems. Jones is clearly not aware of his appearance as I can’t understand why he’d harm his cause this way if he was.!

Don’t miss part 2, where Alex resorts to using a fake English accent to racistly mock Piers’ English.