Let’s be honest here: FOX news is probably one of the most (if not THE most) propaganda-laced news networks in existence, today. We here at Political Pwnage have numerous posts citing this “water is wet” level of obviousness. And honestly, we almost feel bad for these folks, because it’s like shooting fish in a deep fryer.

But sometimes, when the planets are aligned perfectly, even our neocon friends not only get it right, but right on. Just watch as Obama is shown stating that the sequester was not his or his administration’s idea, but then watch as Mr. White House Press Secretary himself, Jay Carney states the complete opposite. Damn, son. One can only assume Obama must be eating a lot of bacon with his breakfast these days; to go along with the copious amounts of egg on his face.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, coupled with the Inauguration of Barack Obama, so how fitting it is we have the renowned Dr. Cornel West passionately citing his views on both occasions.

As history has shown, MLK was an ardent anti-war protestor and civil rights’ demonstrator. He even died fighting for his convictions. Contrast that to Obama; while certainly paying lip service to the anti-war sentiment, he undoubtedly has a couple of skeletons in his closet in regards to war. Dr. West, historically a strong Obama supporter, makes no qualms about his dislike for Obama touching MLK’s bible during his swearing in while he calls out Obama for his “war crimes”.

We welcome back one of the few journalists around today who has no problem pwning The Establishment, including the President.

Recently, Obama’s been quoted as saying “No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,” yet, this comes from a man who…you know… regularly authorizes the raining down of drone bombs onto citizens in Yemen and Pakistan. This is not ‘The Onion’, people, this is ‘Reality Check’ with Ben Swann.

This just leaves us with one question: Does the President really think his blatant hypocrisy wouldn’t be noted, or does he have so much hubris that he simply doesn’t care? Either way, this pwnage practically writes itself.