Bill O’Reilly has got to be on something. That’s pretty much an understatement if you consider ‘crazy’ a drug. Jacob Sullum, the senior editor at “Reason” magazine, wrote a book on drug use and entered the “No Spins” Zone to defend his claims. He was able to bring Pappa Bear back down to earth. By the end O’Reilly is just muttering under his breath while visibly angered.

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Bob Costas recently went on the O’Reilly Factor to defend his comments regarding Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide and how such events have woven themselves into American Gun Culture. He was there after 72 hours of being lambasted by conservatives. However, In a Post-Newtown Massacre world, Costas’ remarks seem almost prophetic rather then about the past. In an interview where Costas seems to gain momentum as it goes on Bill O’Reilly has little to say in response and elects to end the discussion. If you’re into the whole brevity thing, go to the 7:50 mark and hear Costas’ closing beat down of a statement.

In 2012, when you’ve been shown to clearly be a racist on TV, you have failed. It’s odd when this isn’t exposed by someone else, but issued by the target’s own mouth. Spurned on by results clearly in favor of social tolerance and change Papa Bear couldn’t hold back his emotions enough to paint them as some fiscally driven opinions. The typical method of neo-racism is to code racist statements into seemingly innocuous statements. “Voter ID merely ensures that people won’t commit fraud during elections” at a glance appears fine… till you think about how such a law would primarily affect minorities. Especially when you try to slip that law in as early before the election as possible and the people behind it admit the intention is to give a state to Romney via disenfranchising black voters. But those laws got overturned because they were racist laws. Obama steam rolled the electoral vote and Papa Bear got disappointed. He states that “the white establishment is now the minority” even though almost 70% of the vote was white voters. Seriously though… Bill… tell us what you really mean.