Piers Morgan, who typically supports politicians like Obama, calls out Davis Guggenheim, a relatively well-known documentary producer (“An Inconvenient Truth”) for basically being paid to create a pro-Obama propaganda piece over an actual documentary where the user is typically given both sides of the story and presumably enough information to make up their mind on the subject at hand.

Much of the interview consists of Morgan trying to give Guggenheim an out to show he’s not a complete shill for Obama, but Guggenheim just ain’t biting. Over and over Guggenheim states the only problem w/ Obama was that he did “too many” good things and he wasn’t able to fit them all into the movie. Finally, Morgan tires of Guggenheim’s shilling and says he’s not impartial enough given his admission he believes that Obama has done no wrong; Guggenheim sheepishly agrees.

While there may no ranting or raving, the pwnage still shines crystal clear.