John McCain recently took a jab at John Kerry calling him “Mr. Secretary.” It seems John McCain just can’t let go of the recent Susan Rice Behghazi hoopla he tried to stir up. Kerry wasn’t unarmed however and soon had his own opportunity to take a kick as a very recently purple John McCain teaching him the proverbial lesson. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

McCain just won’t stop. Benghazi is a dead issue. Other then it’s overt politicization Benghazi has never actually been an issue other then an opportunity by the GOP to exploit the attack for traction during their abysmal presidential campaign. I’m not the biggest Maddow fan but her response to McCain’s latest round of questions regarding Benghazi dismantles what this strategy by the Republicans is all about. First, she gives the answers which to this point are entirely public knowledge. Then she goes fourth to explain the motivations to keep Susan Rice out of the Secretary Of State position in order to clear a senate seat now held by John Kerry. To the point where in the same interviews GOP officials speak to John Kerry’s great aptitude for the job. But wait a minute: wasn’t John Kerry the wrong man for the job because of the international challenges in 2004? No, what we needed then according to these same people was George W Bush.

Remember the days when John McCain was the cool Republican? He’d show up on The Daily Show and explain his positions with reason. Even answer a tough question or two honestly? John “Maverick” McCain… where are you? Late, apparently. McCain has gotten a lot of press lately trying to politicize and ramp up the Benghazi affair. He’s claiming the Obama administration has not been forthright communicating the events and demanded ‘Watergate’ level investigation. So ardent is he that he scheduled an entire press conference to let everyone know he is one angry old military man. The only problem is he scheduled that press conference during an actual classified information briefing of Benghazi events that only 3 of 8 invited republicans attended. So naturally, CNN producer/reporter Ted BarrettĀ asked McCain why he was missing the briefing and to complain about not being briefed. To which McCain lost his mind asking who a reporter was to ask him questions. The nerve! Good thing Ted brought a tape recorder.

It’s not the policy! It’s not the policy! It’s not the policy! I think the reporters know that it’s not the policy. But that’s exactly why reporters are questioning you John McCain. See, in his old age John McCain appears to have forgotten that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is about homosexuals in the military instead of the relationship between politicians and reporters. Mike Almy later stated he was shocked McCain would say such a thing as he testified no more then 20 feet from McCain about the incident. Perhaps McCain’s hearing aid was malfunctioning? Unfortunately for John McCain repeating something you want to be true over and over works about as well when you’re 8 years old as it does when you’re 80. It is quite entertaining however.