McCain just won’t stop. Benghazi is a dead issue. Other then it’s overt politicization Benghazi has never actually been an issue other then an opportunity by the GOP to exploit the attack for traction during their abysmal presidential campaign. I’m not the biggest Maddow fan but her response to McCain’s latest round of questions regarding Benghazi dismantles what this strategy by the Republicans is all about. First, she gives the answers which to this point are entirely public knowledge. Then she goes fourth to explain the motivations to keep Susan Rice out of the Secretary Of State position in order to clear a senate seat now held by John Kerry. To the point where in the same interviews GOP officials speak to John Kerry’s great aptitude for the job. But wait a minute: wasn’t John Kerry the wrong man for the job because of the international challenges in 2004? No, what we needed then according to these same people was George W Bush.