First off, NSFW, because of extreme language.

If you want ‘the’ angry election response video of all youtube, congratulations, because you’ve found it. Shelly Dankert of Nebraska Attitude is full of nicotine, beer, god damned butter scotch schnaps, chips ‘n cheese dip for her supper and rage. But mostly rage. See, 4 years ago (yes 4) she got her first computer to teach the internet a lesson about conservatism (which is good) and Obama (who is evil). She has been following The Drudge Report all night long and just accepted that the Romney Landslide Drudge told her was going to happen actually was going to blow up in a reversal of fortune. This is a self-pwn. But it’s also a pwn of a poor impressionable woman who becomes caught in the nets of a manipulative media’s multibillion dollar misinformation campaign. Why did Romney lose???? Because those ‘pussies’ on facebook didn’t share her posts. TH’ATS WHY! Yep. Witness the Drudgery… for it is epic.