Dave has been seen in this space on various occasions. (just try to ignore Paul Schafer though) His usual appearance entails taking shots at a politician or ridiculous TV personality. This time the belt is being taken off the World Wide Pants while Big Oil And Gas is cowering in the corner. Fracking does produce cheap energy. What else does it produce? We don’t know… but we do know it’s resulted in catastrophic damage to the drinking water of many extraction sites. It’s beyond his anger coming to the surface though. Dave is pissed.

And with a flourish Michelle Bachmann, amid scandal and controversy, has retired from politics. In honor of a politician who’s graces this web site so many times it feels as if we should make a special “5 timers” club post not unlike Justin Timberlake’s latest SNL foray. Rachel Maddow unfortunately beat us to it with a break down of Bachmann’s political strategy and demagoguery. She’s not only appealing to ignorance, she embodies it, comprehends the mind set and responds accordingly on the pulse of the FOX News. David Plouff recently had a quote as to how he see’s her role and exit in politics.

Stephanopoulos asked former Obama advisor David Plouffe if Democrats would miss Bachmann.

“Terribly,” Plouffe said. “It’s fun having her and the Sarah Palins of the world on the scene, because they sort of define this modern Republican party. Now you’ve got others to replace her. Now you’ve got Ted Cruz and others to fill the bill.”

Here is Rachel’s Take:


Tea Party hero, Rand Paul, after his famous 13 hour filibuster on the drone issue, has apparently had a change of mind. When using drones for political gain and generate buzz around his name in the Senate, yes drones are evil. But if you’re say, suspected of robbing a liquor store, well it’s time for some BOOM! Then Judge Napolitano gets in on the act. Hmm… what about drones for people in front of microphones delivering double talk and lying about things they had said in the past? Cenk Unger from The Young Turks breaks all the foolishness down for us.

Gotta love The Body. From the WWE, to governor of Minnesota, to conspiracy theory show host to… The View. Always entertaining and apologetically opinionated he discusses Water Boarding with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. However she euphemistically refers to it as “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Jesse has some experience on his side and sets her up for a body slam that would make the Hulkster proud.