Conspiracy theorists will believe anything they feel like. Alex Jones ‘wants’ to believe a New World Order is trying to create a global prison so he finds his justification. David Icke ‘wants’ to believe lizard aliens drink human blood to retain human form and dominate earth via politics and flickering eyes during speeches are enough for him. However, when a real professor at a legitimate university comes out in support of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory that the shooting was fakes to create a pretense for gun control, Anderson takes aim. The assertions that a dead little girl was still alive and sitting on Obama’s lap post-massacre is beyond shame.

A day after General Petraeus exonerated the White House of any cover ups regarding the Benghazi situation Republican representative Dana Rohrabacher pressed on pointing fingers convinced of a grand conspiracy to cover up an act of terrorism. This is despite Obama’s now famous declaration that it was an act of terror in the Rose Garden less then 24 hours after the attack happened. Dana’s convictions led him to Anderson Cooper where he presented his argument directly contrary to the testimony of Petraeus. Cooper responds telling Dana “What you are saying is factually incorrect.” Dana gets quite upset but refuses to discredit the Petraeus testimony or provide evidence Obama is lying. He also neglects to actually say what Obama lies about since Mitt Romney already sank his own ship falsely claiming Obama denied a terror attack in the second presidential debate. Does this look like a lie without evidence? Or does it look like someone who’s really upset that his party just lost a major election and wants something to be angry about. Dana says Anderson Cooper doesn’t have the facts. But when asked if the facts are wrong he refuses to refute them or saying they are lies. It appears facts appear in Dana’s world as Dana wants them to be instead of as they are.

Here at Political Pwnage we try hard, very hard, to be a non-partisan resource however it’s been difficult to keep a balanced offering. Liberals tend to be a tad more careful with their words and lack as many of the Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann types from their ranks who speak passionately first and think politically later. But as both parties start to ramp up their campaigns and the stakes continually rise cracks are starting to show. Some Democrats are so anxious to land a knockout blow they are willing to jeopardize their political credibility to do so. Enter Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Even though her point on Romney’s abortion position is valid she won’t own up to her factual distortion of the LA Times on the subject. Enter Anderson Cooper who has a point of his own about honesty and integrity.