Call it posturing for a potential presidential run. Call it sticking up for the people he represents. Or call it a bit of both. The message is clear: Gov Chris Christie is no longer a mouth piece for the old guard of the Grand Old Party. Instead he’s attacking the party from within sounding much like many complaints Democrats have made of obstructionism among other things. Congress’ behavior with regard to Hurricane Sandy Funding is to say baffling in the least. Here is a sampling of his comments including a discussion afterward. If Mr. Christie gets any more angry, he may just sit on someone.

John Boehner’s downward spiral has been epic. Starting on day one he admitted his intentions to block legislation not for idealogical purposes but only to unseat Obama in the white house. And it’s starting to get to him. After Harry Reid slammed the speaker for running a house dictatorship ignoring the need to provide a secure financial footing for the country. House Republicans are being blamed more every day for fighting against the economic recovery just days after unemployment numbers indicate a 4 year low from when Obama first took office.

Boehner’s response was to tell Reid to “go fuck yourself” like a high school student. His plan is clear. We will fight anyone but us fixing the economy. If it means it’s us who are responsible for sabotaging that economy. So be it.

But it’s not only democrats attacking him. After Hurricane Sandy pushed Gov Chris Christie away from the party line of attacking democrats in favor of serving the people he swore to represent he echoed Reid’s comments regarding a much needed bill for relief from the Hurricane. Again, the culprit is John Boehner blocking legislation the house actually wants to pass and Christie is understandably angry. Instead of dealing with these issues Boehner has stuck his head in the sand refusing to return the Governor’s phone calls for reasons resembling a high school girl who’s angry at her friend for not hating the head cheerleader he hates.


There’s a few ways to spin this against Chris Christie, if you want to, but we don’t want to. In a totally unexpected move Governor Chris Christie, a man with many political pretensions, decided to drop them all in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Instead he served the people, all the people, he was elected to serve. Working with The President Christie surveyed the damage and built a plan to deal with the historic storm. When interviewed he didn’t wish to score his party points dismissing FOX news’ attempt to politicize the decimation of Christie’s people with disgust. Speaking frankly he reaffirmed his appreciation for the efforts the president had made to help his constituents giving credit where it was due. We know how the rhetoric sounds… but this is what reaching across the aisle to get work done actually looks like. Barack Obama should be commended. Christie should be commended for acknowledging this despite how his party might feel. It’s so rare, so lets watch honest politics in action and give it credit too. (the action starts happening at about 2:30)