After Chris Matthews fell apart post-debate it seems he’s trying to get back on the horse. Pointing out when people are fabricating truths has become a priority again for Mr. Hardball. No matter what happened to Chris earlier, he goes after Jack Welch demanding evidence, facts and verification of the statements General Electric’s former CEO made on twitter. What becomes evident is Welch is guilty of some old fashioned politikin’ trying to spin numbers that are obviously good for Americans because they are bad for his guy. Would that be because his guy is going to line Welch’s pockets if he’s elected? Me thinks so and I call Shenanigans… but not on the Bureau Of Labour Statistics.

Thanks to The Young Turks who have been providing great political coverage now since 2005. It’s surprising this is their first video to make it to this space. It starts with Chris Matthews calling out Reince Priebus (RNC Chair) for his party’s questionable “birther” and racially based tactics. Brokaw comes to their defence. Cenk Uygur then provides a spot on analysis of Bill Maher’s response to the exchange detailing the complicity between the mainstream media, the government and how neutrality is their given excuse for collusion in mus-informing the public.