It’s not good times for the NRA. Their president, David Keene, still visits his son in prison due to his 2003 road rage shooting. Their CEO, Wayne LaPierre, just embarrassed himself and his organization with an out of touch response to Sandy Hook. Weeks after blaming video games for Sandy Hook the NRA released a violent video game rated for 4 year olds. His cousin has also just been jailed for threatening to commit a mass shooting against his former employer and is suspected of having illegal guns in his massive home arsenal.

Their board of directors has many other members who have appeared downright insane like Ted Nugent. Faces of the pro-gun movement like Alex Jones have already made recent appearances in this space losing their mind due to being presented with a different point of view.

Today? Even conservative pundits are turning on their new ad suggesting that Barack Obama is an elitist hypocrite since due to the nature of the job of president, his daughters/family require a detail from the secret service for their protection. I’m not sure who they hope to influence however Joe Scarborough and many pundits on the right and left aren’t buying. Check it out…

Trying to keep this site from becoming… (here it comes) but… if you have not seen Mitt’s Romney/Ryan chant, enjoy someone who can’t handle his partner getting some praise, however if you have be sure to catch Joe Scarborough’s reaction to the clip. Unlike many videos you see here Joe is not attacking an opponent. Joe is a former two term Florida Republican Congressman. He’s behind the GOP but “The Chant” is too much for him to take. Mika Brzezinski gives a sincere apology amid the panel’s uncomfortable glances that’s lacking any signs of a staged response. Dropping pretenses she just feels bad for her friend who’s clearly in despair and looking for spiritual assistance. It’s what television, and this site, were made for.