During the NRA’s recent press conference while Wayne LaPierre described his vision of a militarized war zone America, where the only safe havens from the depraved exist within buildings surrounded by armed guards, he found out the hard way that it’s a bit too soon to be suggesting such things. Especially when the public at large has clearly had enough. Twice protesters held signs in front of him while talking obscuring his face while he pretended to not notice. Twice the NRA was blamed for the senseless murders in Newtown. Twice he only shook his head with no response and pushed ahead with his stark vision of an America that has never existed as it’s an America that people don’t want.

But it didn’t stop there. And it still hasn’t stopped. Responding to the speech tabloids even got in the act.


Ouch. Is Wayne LaPierre possibly… THE BAT BOY!!!!!???