Tea Party hero, Rand Paul, after his famous 13 hour filibuster on the drone issue, has apparently had a change of mind. When using drones for political gain and generate buzz around his name in the Senate, yes drones are evil. But if you’re say, suspected of robbing a liquor store, well it’s time for some BOOM! Then Judge Napolitano gets in on the act. Hmm… what about drones for people in front of microphones delivering double talk and lying about things they had said in the past? Cenk Unger from The Young Turks breaks all the foolishness down for us.

One oft used method of propaganda is the straw man. FOX news however takes it one step further but actually putting a man, stuffed with straw, in the debates. While discussing guns on campus their “liberal plant” Bob Beckel is there to “argue” the points of gun control. But really he’s there to pretend to argue it offering the ridiculously callous statement that “rapes don’t happen on campus.” The kind of media that would make Goebles proud. The Young Turks break it down the dance as the choreographed fake argument that it is showing that while there defenitly are rapes on college campuses, there are defenitly no real liberals on FOX News.

Do you remember The Superfly, Jimmy Snuka? I sure do and no one who was 10 years old from the WWF’s golden era will ever forget him. His matches with The Macho Man are the things of legend. So does Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks as he invokes images of the Superfly while breaking down the best lines of the third foreign policy debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The three debates were epically some of the least respectful ever held. While Obama did not seem prepared for the ‘tactics’ that Romney employed in the first debate (ie: bald faced lying about major issues) by the third you could faintly hear over the absent applause “I am a real American…”

Thanks to The Young Turks who have been providing great political coverage now since 2005. It’s surprising this is their first video to make it to this space. It starts with Chris Matthews calling out Reince Priebus (RNC Chair) for his party’s questionable “birther” and racially based tactics. Brokaw comes to their defence. Cenk Uygur then provides a spot on analysis of Bill Maher’s response to the exchange detailing the complicity between the mainstream media, the government and how neutrality is their given excuse for collusion in mus-informing the public.