Welcome back Dr. and Congressman Ron Paul.

While at a recent GOP primary debate in New Hampshire, he clearly points what other Republicans (and Democrats) seem to glaze over: The blatantly apparent racism that’s plaguing the US Judicial System.

So as the other candidates stood on stage grooming their own egos and flashing their pearly whites; the Doctor was busy owning the overlooked inherent racism that’s like a cancer in the system.

There really is no introduction that can do this pwnage justice; but we’ll try.

Mike Wallace of ’60 Minutes’ fame questions the great Morgan Freeman on his feelings that Black History Month is “ridiculous”. Not surprisingly, Mr. Wallace is stunned; he stammers, he babbles. He’s pwned, frankly. Meanwhile, as he tries to pick his jaw up off the floor, and any remaining pieces of his dignity, Mr. Freeman continues to lay out probably the best pwnage caught on film since the start of the 21st century.