Perusing the polticalwebosphere (lets make that stick!) I’ve come upon so many “man pwns himself” style videos. Some of them are posted here. But I recently was sent a new one by a reader that was made before Romney’s debate and before he even really started campaigning. Mitt appears to have no problem defining the kind of man who will say anything to get elected and let flip flopping carry him as far as possible. Don’t worry about getting caught lying. If someone calls you on it you can lie about the lies. This used to be a tried, tested and true strategy in politics. However that was before the internet, alternative media and of course, political pwnage.

Here you have 20 straight minutes of Romney giving totally opposite accounts of what he ‘believes’… all from 6 months ago.

But wait! There’s more. So much more. This is why lying doesn’t work. It fuels your oppositions criticisms of you and they can make ads like this.

It empowers left leaning media programs to easily attack you like this:

And random people with time on their youtube hands make videos like this.

The reality is that Mitt Romney is in a battle with himself to fool the general public. If you believe him he is fighting it for everyone. But can you believe him? We try to be objective at Political Pwnage but it’s difficult when one man states totally opposite opinions on the most important issues the world faces and expects you to believe him.

This is only a short video but it entails something we believe has never before been seen in the history of the Presidential Debates. Notes are strictly not allowed. Sure, I recall getting busted on a math test as a child doing this, but this is different. Mitt Romney, with his campaign burning around him, was so desperate he actually smuggled in a stack of crib sheets into the first debate. The move is so smooth it must have been rehearsed. Mitt walks casually to the podium and sticks his hand in his pocket. Channeling David Blaine, he steps close to the podium to block the view of his hands from the moderator, the crowd and his opponent. Then slips the notes under the bottom of his jacket to the podium blocking the view from the side with his wrist… looks up and grins like he got away with something. Except this is 2012, cameras are cheap, and he failed to cover one angle and is now busted. Seriously… a guy running for president just got busted for cheating on his exams. LOLZ to you Mr. Romney. I guess you did need those since what you said was the opposite of everything you’ve claimed for 6 months. See you after third period. ;0