First off, NSFW, because of extreme language.

If you want ‘the’ angry election response video of all youtube, congratulations, because you’ve found it. Shelly Dankert of Nebraska Attitude is full of nicotine, beer, god damned butter scotch schnaps, chips ‘n cheese dip for her supper and rage. But mostly rage. See, 4 years ago (yes 4) she got her first computer to teach the internet a lesson about conservatism (which is good) and Obama (who is evil). She has been following The Drudge Report all night long and just accepted that the Romney Landslide Drudge told her was going to happen actually was going to blow up in a reversal of fortune. This is a self-pwn. But it’s also a pwn of a poor impressionable woman who becomes caught in the nets of a manipulative media’s multibillion dollar misinformation campaign. Why did Romney lose???? Because those ‘pussies’ on facebook didn’t share her posts. TH’ATS WHY! Yep. Witness the Drudgery… for it is epic.

In 2012, when you’ve been shown to clearly be a racist on TV, you have failed. It’s odd when this isn’t exposed by someone else, but issued by the target’s own mouth. Spurned on by results clearly in favor of social tolerance and change Papa Bear couldn’t hold back his emotions enough to paint them as some fiscally driven opinions. The typical method of neo-racism is to code racist statements into seemingly innocuous statements. “Voter ID merely ensures that people won’t commit fraud during elections” at a glance appears fine… till you think about how such a law would primarily affect minorities. Especially when you try to slip that law in as early before the election as possible and the people behind it admit the intention is to give a state to Romney via disenfranchising black voters. But those laws got overturned because they were racist laws. Obama steam rolled the electoral vote and Papa Bear got disappointed. He states that “the white establishment is now the minority” even though almost 70% of the vote was white voters. Seriously though… Bill… tell us what you really mean.

There’s a few ways to spin this against Chris Christie, if you want to, but we don’t want to. In a totally unexpected move Governor Chris Christie, a man with many political pretensions, decided to drop them all in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Instead he served the people, all the people, he was elected to serve. Working with The President Christie surveyed the damage and built a plan to deal with the historic storm. When interviewed he didn’t wish to score his party points dismissing FOX news’ attempt to politicize the decimation of Christie’s people with disgust. Speaking frankly he reaffirmed his appreciation for the efforts the president had made to help his constituents giving credit where it was due. We know how the rhetoric sounds… but this is what reaching across the aisle to get work done actually looks like. Barack Obama should be commended. Christie should be commended for acknowledging this despite how his party might feel. It’s so rare, so lets watch honest politics in action and give it credit too. (the action starts happening at about 2:30)

When David Letterman came on the scene in the early 80’s everyone knew he had a sharp wit. Everyone also knew that he wore sneakers with a sport jacket and took almost nothing seriously. Fast forward to 2012. David Letterman still flashes his toothy smile and is often irreverent but he’s decidedly matured. This Bill O’Reilly interview never would have happened 30 years ago with a political discussion more suited for his former late night rival Tom Snyder. Dave is still funny though and uses humor to disarm a loud mouthed O’Reilly. Then follows it up with cutting political observations that seem far too intelligent for a late night comic to be making as he lampoons all that is FOX, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.