And with a flourish Michelle Bachmann, amid scandal and controversy, has retired from politics. In honor of a politician who’s graces this web site so many times it feels as if we should make a special “5 timers” club post not unlike Justin Timberlake’s latest SNL foray. Rachel Maddow unfortunately beat us to it with a break down of Bachmann’s political strategy and demagoguery. She’s not only appealing to ignorance, she embodies it, comprehends the mind set and responds accordingly on the pulse of the FOX News. David Plouff recently had a quote as to how he see’s her role and exit in politics.

Stephanopoulos asked former Obama advisor David Plouffe if Democrats would miss Bachmann.

“Terribly,” Plouffe said. “It’s fun having her and the Sarah Palins of the world on the scene, because they sort of define this modern Republican party. Now you’ve got others to replace her. Now you’ve got Ted Cruz and others to fill the bill.”

Here is Rachel’s Take:


Call it posturing for a potential presidential run. Call it sticking up for the people he represents. Or call it a bit of both. The message is clear: Gov Chris Christie is no longer a mouth piece for the old guard of the Grand Old Party. Instead he’s attacking the party from within sounding much like many complaints Democrats have made of obstructionism among other things. Congress’ behavior with regard to Hurricane Sandy Funding is to say baffling in the least. Here is a sampling of his comments including a discussion afterward. If Mr. Christie gets any more angry, he may just sit on someone.

Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former Chief Of Staff, apparently has something to say about the republican party. Since the ‘Southern Democrats’ defected to the republicans in response to Kennedy signing the civil rights act it’s been a poorly guarded secret where a large portion of GOP support has come from. But still a secret if listening to Republicans. Not anymore. Perhaps sensing the SS Romney sinking anyway it seems many moderates within the party are seeing it as an opportunity to pull the GOP back to the center and fight the shift present since the 2010 mid-term Tea Party semi-takeover. But that’s putting it mildly… Mr. Wilkerson… tell us what you really mean.

The full interview can be seen here:


When David Letterman came on the scene in the early 80’s everyone knew he had a sharp wit. Everyone also knew that he wore sneakers with a sport jacket and took almost nothing seriously. Fast forward to 2012. David Letterman still flashes his toothy smile and is often irreverent but he’s decidedly matured. This Bill O’Reilly interview never would have happened 30 years ago with a political discussion more suited for his former late night rival Tom Snyder. Dave is still funny though and uses humor to disarm a loud mouthed O’Reilly. Then follows it up with cutting political observations that seem far too intelligent for a late night comic to be making as he lampoons all that is FOX, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

In the last Indiana senate debate Richard Mourdock actually stated that “rape pregnancies” were, and I quote, “something that God intended to happen” as a defence for his opposition to women having the right to control what their bodies do, siding definitively on the side or rapists… doing God’s work everywhere. I’m not even sure if it’s a case of religion gone too far but try as I might to relate to the inner workings of Tea Party Philosophy it appears to take extremist pages from groups like The Taliban. When you point out these kinds of things about some republicans people often respond “he doesn’t’ represent all republicans” and no, he doesn’t. However, he does represent the state of Indiana who presently support him with 49.8% of the vote (meaning nearly 100% of Indiana’s republicans) in the New York Times Nate Silver’s 538 projection model. It’s nice to know that Indiana is with God, and God is with the rapists. Stay classy Tea Party.