Alex Jones is a man of unique talents however today realized I truly underestimated the depth of his prowess. Fueled by Jones’ propensity for the shocking Glen Beck’s response in comparison appeared to be that of a rational, well thought and pragmatic thinker. When Glen Beck, who has routinely linked President Obama to being a Nazi, can get away with calling you a crazy madman of a conspiracy theorist, something is wrong. Behold the reason as Glen Beck distances himself from a cohort in conspiracy and crazy right wing media personalities.

A quick shot of pwnage for you folks, via the Twitterverse.

Responding to the recent tragedy of the NFL athlete (Jovan Belcher) shooting his girlfriend and then himself, Morgan wastes no time in demonizing guns as he proclaims via his internet soapbox that the 2nd Amendment is “for muskets”. Yet, before the smoke of his reactionary comment clears, his logic is taken to task behind the shed and executed.

No video for this one, folks. (none necessary) – the pwnage easily ensues in 140 characters or less.



Piers Morgan, who typically supports politicians like Obama, calls out Davis Guggenheim, a relatively well-known documentary producer (“An Inconvenient Truth”) for basically being paid to create a pro-Obama propaganda piece over an actual documentary where the user is typically given both sides of the story and presumably enough information to make up their mind on the subject at hand.

Much of the interview consists of Morgan trying to give Guggenheim an out to show he’s not a complete shill for Obama, but Guggenheim just ain’t biting. Over and over Guggenheim states the only problem w/ Obama was that he did “too many” good things and he wasn’t able to fit them all into the movie. Finally, Morgan tires of Guggenheim’s shilling and says he’s not impartial enough given his admission he believes that Obama has done no wrong; Guggenheim sheepishly agrees.

While there may no ranting or raving, the pwnage still shines crystal clear.

In one corner we have England’s pretty-boy: a Mr. Piers Morgan. In the the other corner, we have the (in)famous Jesse Ventura. Don’t get us wrong. We certainly recognize Morgan’s own brand of pwnage on the British and American versions of “…Got Talent.” But, this is ain’t no singing contest. This is an all-out head-to-head brow beating with a man’s man; a former SEAL who specialized in not just kicking ass, but as a politician, and a member of the elite Naval Underwater Demolition team.

So, please Mr. Morgan, remember that for next time, lest you end up well over your head once again.