When David Letterman came on the scene in the early 80’s everyone knew he had a sharp wit. Everyone also knew that he wore sneakers with a sport jacket and took almost nothing seriously. Fast forward to 2012. David Letterman still flashes his toothy smile and is often irreverent but he’s decidedly matured. This Bill O’Reilly interview never would have happened 30 years ago with a political discussion more suited for his former late night rival Tom Snyder. Dave is still funny though and uses humor to disarm a loud mouthed O’Reilly. Then follows it up with cutting political observations that seem far too intelligent for a late night comic to be making as he lampoons all that is FOX, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.


While on a recent stop in a swing state Romney agreed to an interview he expected to be a softball with a War Veteran. Thank him for his service. Shake his hand. Get the photo op. Watch as the youtube video goes viral when the veteran flips the script to ask why a veteran like himself isn’t allowed to help his gay lover out with things like health benefits he feels he’s earned by risking his life. Wait a minute… that wasn’t what was expected at all. Mitt’s discomfort becomes very clear as he senses another awkward confrontation drawing near and looks for exits the conversation. Gets called on trying to exit the conversation. Then runs away without really finishing the discussion. Don’t pick fights with soldiers when you spent the war promoting Mormanism in Paris Mitt.

In our recent post of John McCain’s Gentlemanly Pwn Of Michelle Bachmann we gave a pre-amble stating that what was about to follow may be worthy of posting, however lacked the entertainment factor we usually go for in this space. It didn’t matter: the response to McCain’s show of class was quite large.

Enter CNN’s Dana Bash. Approaching the former GOP nomination hopeful was all it took to set her into a full tilt sprint. Well, as fast as you can run wearing heels. Why? She knew what Dana wanted: a simple response to McCain’s speech. She also knew how she looked yesterday. She also knew she had no response to being called out that would not make her look more stupid. So, stuck with one of those pesky reporters? What to do? Easy! Just pretend you have a pressing meeting in the stairwell and run there s fast as you can, because that doesn’t look stupid at all.